September 30, 2020, 10:12 am

Technology of the Future Guarding Your Earnings 


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„Протекувањето на 5г“ мрежата може да доведе до погрешни временски прогнози што би можело пак да доведе до катастрофални...

Претставен Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: Креиран за сите, наменет за тебе

Тројната камера од професионален ранг, живописни бои и внимателно одбрани премиум иновации Samsung Electronics денеска го претстави Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE),...
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Way before artificial intelligence and supercomputers, the machines were already there — calculators, arithmometers and many more. Now in the digital age, the machines protect our deposits helping us secure a better future.

Many large-scale investment funds have already started engaging AI in their work. So we decided to look into this trend in the investment business and got in touch with a fund completely based on AI. Specialists from the STELAR FUND were kind enough to answer all our questions. Not only did this company face the general market updates in its work but also it managed to conquer a completely new market. They are somewhat a unicorn company that opened many others a new path with its investments.

The first thing we wanted to know was how exactly this technology allows to find companies and currencies to invest in. And the answer was more than surprising. First of all, AI collects general information from the media, then runs statistical analysis on it to get an idea of how beneficial that investment may be. Unlike other companies that consider only the news from the largest news websites, the technology used by STELAR FUND also studies the newsfeed from smaller sources, as well as analyzes the social media.

When the trade runs below $100,000 the technology works unsupervised. Once there is a need to raise the amount, the company’s experienced workers come in to decide whether it should be raised or not.

Another important thing we were interested to find out about was, is it possible that the machine makes a mistake and thus loses all the money? Turns out, like any other investment offer, this market has its risks, but the well-synched collaboration between highly qualified workers and artificial intelligence result in a positive effect.

Check out the link below to learn more about the investment fund of the future.

About the fund:

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